helped my Shingles pain

Ms. Li Jiang is the most wonderful person to ever meet. She is a true person to visit for things that can be healed. I would definitely recommend going to her to any of my friends and family.  I had a case of the Shingles for about 7 months and after taking all of the meds that never worked, I officially

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Bronchitis relief

Dear Li Jiang,

I am thrilled to write a testimonial because I have been so pleased with the care I have received from you.  I first came to you on the recommendation of a dear friend; she knew I had been suffering with repeated bouts of bronchitis, and believed that acupuncture could strengthen my lungs and body so as to fight

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I have been on medication for hypertension for approximately 4 years. It was not until I had a severe reaction to the medicine that I decided to find an alternative treatment so I would no longer have to take medication to treat my hypertension.  I was also aware that I needed to lose weight to help with bringing down my

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I was having trouble sleeping for 1 year and advised to taking medication, after acupuncture treatment from Li Jiang, I am improving and my insomnia is getting better. I feel like I have more energy during the day and sleeping better at night.

D. M.