Pain in feet, knees

I have been going to Li Jiang for a little over a year now. Initially I was having difficulty with pain and soreness in my feet. It felt like I was walking on marbles and was very uncomfortable. She immediately determined my kidney energy was low which was directly related to the issue in my feet. After three hour long acupuncture sessions the results were miraculous! Further, her advice on preventative measures has helped in this issue returning. I have had no further problems.
Sometime later I developed a painful issue in my left knee. I experienced a short but painful “glitch” in my knee while walking numerous times during the day. Again, I went to Li Jiang for help. In addition to acupuncture she suggested I take a special Chinese herbal supplement called Strong Kidney. I have been taking these supplements for almost a year. It has not only helped my knee but has had a wonderful impact on all of my joints.
One more issue for Li! I tripped and fell outside, twisting the tendons in my right knee. Back to acupuncture! In addition to my sessions with Li, she provided me with herbal tincture to rub into the knee area three times a day. It was remarkable and smelled great too. All soreness has disappeared and I am already 90% better.
Li Jiang presents as a caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, skillful professional Acupuncturist. She is easy to talk to and is great in returning calls. The office and treatment rooms are pleasant and very well cared for.  I highly recommend her services.
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